Crowd Freedom is a movement to create a non-violent free society that is built around free markets and property rights.

    Like many people, we are not pleased with the way the world is currently run under all the governments around the world. All governments initiate force on other people through taxation and limit the freedom people have in living their lives. Upset at all the people complaining about how bad government is but never doing anything about it, we decided to actually do something about it and form a movement to create a free society. We need less talk and more action. We need to stop complaining about how bad government is and instead start building something better.

    Crowd Freedom is dedicated and focused on creating a free society for people who want to live in a society without government. People have tried to limit the power of government for decades and even centuries. All the while government continues to expand further and further and grow in power more and more. We think that the time is here for us to once again step outside of the box of government and start completely fresh. Rather than trying to rework our governments we think the time is right to instead just start building the society we want, non-violently.

    We think that if we shifted our focus and resources from governments and politicians instead to a movement like this that we would see positive change in our world much quicker. We know when we give $100 to a politician nothing is ever going to happen. We just hope for the best because we don't have any other alternatives. Well now we do have an alternative. It is called leaving the system completely and building what we want in the world.

    In business when a company is doing a poor job another company does a good job and competes against that company. Right now the government is doing a very poor job and nobody is competing against them. Right now all governments throughout the world hold a monopoly on the world and nobody ever thinks to even try to do a better job than them. Well, we do. And we know we can do a better job. The easiest businesses to outdo are the ones that avoid change and continue to upset their customers over and over again.

    The first step for this goal was outlining an overview of the entire problem and vision through the book Crowd Freedom: How To Create A Free Society Without Government. If you are interested in how a free society would work we highly recommend reading the book. It is completely free and the entire book is available online through this very website.

    Another large part of this movement is creating an open-source repository which contains many of the details and systems for operating a free society. Much of this is discussed in the Q&A section of this site where anybody can contribute by asking and answering important and challenging questions.

    As time goes on and this movement grows more and more milestones will be outlined and the plan for what we want to actually create will solidify. If this at all interests you we ask you to join.

    This movement is available to all people of all parts of the world. Anyone who champions freedom and wants a society with maximum choice should join. We want to really make this happen and we will do whatever it takes to make it a reality. So please, if this interests you please join now and start asking and answering questions. Let's create a free society and show the governments around the world that it can be done!

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