Can parents sexually abuse their children?

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Quinton: Well you have to look at it
Sun, 03/20/2016 - 11:45

Well you have to look at it from a property standpoint. Is the child giving their consent to this behavior? No, they can't because they don't yet fully practice self-ownership. So the adult is most certainly in the wrong. The obvious problem is how do you know if the parent is secret about it? You really don't. And it's just a terrible situation. But this type of thing happens all the time currently with the governments we have. So government most certainly does not solve it. If the parent was found to be guilty of course they would face penalties. In a free society it is also possible that there may be innovative ways to non-violently determine whether or not a child is being sexually abused (for example lower payments on your DRO if you pass certain tests).

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