Can We End Animal Slavery In Our New Country?

by SeanLeVegan on November 15th, 2013

Can we end animal slavery by not using animals to feed us?

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gwho: loaded question
Sun, 11/17/2013 - 07:26

Can we not butcher language to make load questions?
We farm/enslave animals because we eat them.

The farming part is just the logical, efficient, and possible way to create the thing to eat.
There really is no other way to do this....

You can create an ecosystem for animals to run wild, and then catch them. But I seriously doubt you're OK with that. You're against animal cruelty, killing them, hunting them, and eating them.
That's why you use manipulative language to alter the paradigm of the issue.

Your real question is, "How can we stop eating animals?"

The next question is, "Even if we could, would people do stop?"

The next question is, "If I wanted everyone to stop eating animals, because I think it's cruel, am I justified in using force to accomplish my normative belief?" The answer to that is the nonaggression principle, which definitely applies to humans.

The next question is philosophical, "Do animals and other species fall under the umbrella of the nonaggression principle? What is the defining difference? Why?"

A huuuge philosophical, and scientific question.

But what is for certain, is that your question is loaded.

gwho: You already assume the rights
Sun, 11/17/2013 - 07:27

You already assume the rights, and thus philosophical answer to the raised questions in my previous post, without even bringing them up, or bothering to acknowledge the philosophical magnitude.

That's why your wording is manipulative (not honest) and loaded.

gwho: The answers may certainly
Sun, 11/17/2013 - 07:31

The answers may certainly fall onto the conclusion that it is indeed slavery.

(There are biological, evolutionary, natural, and physical realities to consider, which is why I doubt it will, but, that's merely my intuition with the knowledge and framework I have currently).

If it does fall that way, then so be it. At least acknowledge and be sensitive to the overall, and quite reasonable (imo) majority paradigm of today that animals are food. No one is advocating unnecessary cruelty of animals, but there is reality to consider, open up the discussion on that first.

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