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7:56pm Missmegan1988: Anyone here
4:23pm joojador: ???????
4:23pm joojador: v???????
4:23pm joojador: v???????
4:23pm joojador: ???????
4:23pm joojador: ???????
4:23pm joojador: ???????
4:23pm joojador: ???????
4:23pm joojador: ???????
4:23pm joojador: ???????
4:23pm joojador: ???????
4:23pm joojador: ???????
4:23pm joojador: ???????
4:23pm joojador: ???????
4:23pm joojador: ???????
4:23pm joojador: ???????
4:23pm joojador: ???????
4:22pm joojador: ???????
4:22pm joojador: ???????
4:22pm joojador: ?
4:17pm joojador: /
4:13pm joojador: how i do??
4:12pm joojador: i want t cancel this accunt
4:08pm joojador: fuck ancap
4:08pm joojador: fuck the ancaps
10:51am [email protected]om: Hi, my name is Azai, nice meeting you from Spain
9:06pm Tinnafayard: I’m new too! Great place!! Already love it here!
5:58pm askmemore: Hello. New to the site. any info that might help?
5:37am Jamie: The ruling elite in the form of 'The Payseurs' is a good start in one quest for truth. Trie seekers are a rare bird in that most can't stand correction which is necessary and essencial. Love x
5:35am Jamie: Many thanks for having me as a 'newbee' so to speak tho I've been on the path for a very long time. The ruling
1:40am Richard: The government borrows from private bankers, then they lend the money to the population as a tax debt trap.
4:03am ASMAA: how come the federal government does not give people money?
3:58am ASMAA: why do the people in the govenment have so much money and why do we pay taxes and what is done with the money that the government gets and how come the federal government does not pay for the schools in the usa
3:55am ASMAA: hi
1:21am CrystalizedEntity: Hello
8:41pm Helpa.s.a.p7: Rayford Everything you can find on YouTube or google, if you are target than find vibrational frequencies to kill the parasites
9:07pm Helpa.s.a.p7: Wake the fuck up they walk among us look just like you n me but no feelings their evil like you can't imagine and enjoy been it,, we do live in a matrix research and observe everything in your sorrundings the only way to break free is reaching divine enlightenment. I'M close to reach but they won't let me but I'm going to risk it it's my only option they took everything material from me, Jesus Israel Quiñones Ortiz. They succeed with this because I couldn't see I was married to one who I trust it but since they one she was there only to gain my trust and find my weakness and to know when and how to execute their plans I will try to
8:55pm Helpa.s.a.p7: I'm target I don't think I'll make it to tell my story but I'll try everyone has to know our existence it's at threat we are in final steps of total control/ slave of human race
8:48pm Helpa.s.a.p7: I'm fucked they don't give a fuck about us we are just pray they just want to feed from us and use us and abuse us they don't like to work unless they only give orders have no feelings or conscious they just mimic or behavior archonts/reptilian/demons
10:59pm Horus Andromeda: Hello
2:22pm ArtArt21455: Hi
2:07am Khalilallaham666: You can join my group on Messenger by visiting:
8:11pm Wyzedome: Glad To Make Your Acquaintance, All Of You Good People, Happened Upon This Site A Few Minutes Ago, And Joined Immediately!
8:09pm Wyzedome: So Glad To Make You Good People's Acquaintance, Just Happened On This Site A Few Minutes Ago, And Joined Immediately...Am Looking Forward To Seeing Transformation Thru Co-Operation.....
7:03pm BrianaRotten: yoooo
11:38pm Pmaugatai: How does this site work? I just want to read up about the illuminati and the truth behind it all
9:35am Kevin: I'm glad I found this place
9:33am Kevin: Nice to see other people want to live free aswell :)
6:03am Ikeodum: Freedom is good
1:57pm Itsart: Hello Everyone. After much Truth digging,found this site. Warm wishes for Everyone.
5:09pm abdalla: coffee enemas
5:09pm abdalla: u can all do enemas
5:09pm abdalla: any way
5:09pm abdalla: lol
5:09pm abdalla: who run the world gurls
3:57pm Otieno: A Very good website especially in this era of globalization
6:29pm FightforFreedom2017: Hello just joined look forward to chatting with like minded freedom seekers
3:17am Rayford: Hi new to this site need info on Draco archon brain parasite???
8:10pm freedmftr88: Hi
7:47pm Gustavy: Hello, This site is what kind of anarchist
8:40pm ancap9274: Hello.
11:46am Throb: That will be. And stop behaving!
11:45am Throb: Go here. Twitter. @RobDuncan2000
11:45am Throb: Gov is ran with cash printed up from squat.
11:44am Throb: A foreign owned for profit Corporation as per listing on Dun & Bradstreet.
11:44am Throb: Here's reality, Money Changers run and control everything. U.$. Taxes are laundered to the City of London thru their IMF collection AGENCY in PUERTO RICO called the IRS.
11:41am Throb: I listened to a video and felt need to comment on a fundamental & mistaken belief about government and taxes.
11:18am John Huckel: I call my system MultiLevel Governance. It is a completely Internet-based method for people to get together for ACTION - not just chatting. (paragraph break) We won't have to go anywhere - just start undoing the hold our traditional Governments have over us. (para break) You will never have to deal with more than 7 people at a time. The system allows for anonymous participation: 1) informal Chatting; 2) serious Deliberation regarding whatever is under discussion; Voting for a Plan of Action; and even the Funding of the Plan. (para break) On Dropbox, you can see it once - then it insists you download it to somewhere else. (para break) I am very pleased to have found you guys. Please let me know your reactions. John
11:08am John Huckel: I have just uploaded a video to Dropbox. Please see it at
11:06am John Huckel: Hi everybody,
11:25pm robert lavallee: ialso like no violence approach thank you very much
4:59pm Quinton: Hi Camdromeda, welcome to Crowd Freedom :)
2:15pm Camdromeda: Hi All! Stoked to have randomly found this site. I've been thinking for a while about how society can be reorganised, based on non-violent principles. I really believe it would work. And I believe that left to their own devices, most people are pretty great. And I don't think questions and uncertainty should keep us chained to systems that clearly do not work. Creative people and entrepreneurs are well suited to the types of problems we currently face and I'm really excited to be joining and seeing where I can contribute my skills.
6:07pm wayfarer: Greetings to all. Just looking around, and when I can contribute to the site I'll chime in.
10:28pm Quinton: Welcome to the site AeiusCercle, thanks for joining! :)
3:58pm AeiusCercle: Greetings. Introducing myself. Just joined. Will interact more after I learn more about how to navigate/contribute through this web-site.
1:29pm Quinton: Check out the new video on Antarctica :)
6:36pm eridasi: What's new with Crowd Freedom?
8:50am EveryManJack: in nz
8:50am EveryManJack: i am looking to create or join an anarchist community of what i call free friends based on epicurus' garden community--a co-housing community of anarchists
8:47am EveryManJack: Hi quinton its freemarket anarchist jack as every man here in santiago chile soon to be in the new zeal land of liberty, nice site for sore I's pleased to meet you
11:23am Quinton: Hi Sanatna!
8:22am Sanatna: Hello
3:17pm Quinton: Please share with your friends and contribute any questions or feedback you have to this site.
3:17pm Quinton: Hi ImF, welcome to Crowd Freedom, I hope so too!
10:27am ImF: Hello, I just finished reading it. I hope we can make this a thing
5:21pm Quinton: Hello everyone :)
9:07am CaptainDrG:
9:05am CaptainDrG: Greeting Quenton, thank you. You have made my job easier. I've actually develop a model, with training programs and processes to scale up what this concept. For the past twenty five years been actually developing the Information Age model, testing getting the bugs out. Research and Development is expensive. We are ready to lay out the full blown model across America and the world. Let stay connected. Great minds think just alike. Captain Dr. Gerald Higginbotham.
11:20am Quinton: We need to get people in communication and involved with this process before actually going for it.
11:19am Quinton: The first part of the plan is getting people on board
6:37am Aeizalt: Where's the plan?
6:37am Aeizalt: Based on reading part of your book I thought you actually had a plan.
6:14am Aeizalt: How long have you been active?
7:10pm Quinton: What up!
9:20pm Automata450637: hey, whats up everyone?!
11:09am Quinton: We need to come together and discuss ideas. We need to chip away at it person by person. Each person who contributes is helping out. Help out guys. Ask a question, give an answer, tell a friend. We can do this.
11:08am Quinton: We need to create a community if we want a free society.
11:07am Quinton: Don't be shy guys!
9:07pm Quinton: Step by step towards a free society
9:07pm Quinton: What's up everyone?
3:37pm goldalex26: already in contact for half year
3:36pm goldalex26: yeah, iam going get first hand experience with one such communities in my country
9:03am Quinton: That looks pretty interesting
3:12pm goldalex26: Just by having one part of it.
3:12pm goldalex26: Some got tractor, some aluminium extractor some brick press etc, they enter agreement of exchange access and have creative potential of full production cycle.
3:11pm goldalex26: In local community scale.
3:10pm goldalex26: I imagined rather people focus on getting and maintaining one particular machine and exchanging access to them for access to other machines that other people care about.
3:09pm goldalex26: The open source machines are designed to do it yourself, but labour time to make them can still be viable to sell over market.
3:05pm goldalex26: For example, one advantage of makers over market, is that they design and create machines for lifetime durability, modular easy to repeir, where in market reality may be not practical to create so super products.
2:44pm goldalex26: I recognised so far anarchy possible at all because of that movement, but I dont pondered your -market- view. I am going to though.
2:32pm goldalex26: There is a movement called 'makers' . They focus on open source hardware projects and manufacturing machines, that using local renewable sources cover needs of civilization up to 1990. It may have lot of potential for purpose of starting free societies.
2:26pm goldalex26: Good mate.
12:55pm Quinton: Thanks for joining :)
12:55pm Quinton: Hi goldalex, what's up?
11:05am goldalex26: quinton
5:18pm goldalex26: test
6:02pm Quinton: The topic is anything you want it to be
8:28pm Human World Census - Staff: Hello, what is the topic.
9:40pm Quinton: Thanks suemorrison!
9:15pm suemorrison: A Great Site
12:35pm Quinton: Welcome Joao_Vitor :)
10:56pm Quinton: Hi Talia :) Thanks for joining!
3:03pm Talia: Hello
3:36pm Latoya Evans: I'm fine thank u
3:27pm Quinton: How's it going Latoya?
3:27pm Quinton: Hello
3:26pm Latoya Evans: Hello
1:39pm Quinton: test
7:41am Quinton: Thanks JeffreyHL, great to have you here :) Glad you like the audiobook.
10:36pm JeffreyHL: About 1/2 way through it
10:36pm JeffreyHL: I've been listening to Crowd Freedom on Youtube and think it's pretty cool
10:35pm JeffreyHL: Hi everyone, my name is Jeffrey and I'm new here. How's everyone doing?
4:10pm Quinton: Hey IammeIamfree, welcome! Where did you find this talked about by Stef?
2:11pm IammeIamfree: Stef brought me here, hi yall!
9:49pm Quinton: Please share the book with your friends if you like it!
10:23pm eridasi: I like the book Quinton
10:06pm Quinton: Join the site and ask any questions you have guys
10:52pm Quinton: Hi Jane, welcome back! Great to see you, the site is going well. I'm putting the final touches on the new book :)
10:37pm Jane: How is everything going with the site?
10:37pm Jane: Long time no see
9:44pm Quinton: Hi JeffK, welcome!
11:38pm JeffK: Hello everyone
1:46pm Quinton: Welcome to Crowd Freedom Accubeat!
10:34pm Accubeat: I'm new to the site
10:34pm Accubeat: great book, so far I am really enjoying it
7:53pm Quinton: Be sure to sign up and post any questions and input you may have as well :)
7:53pm Quinton: Check out the book guys, I hope you like it
7:53pm Quinton: oh okay
7:53pm Quinton: hi
11:08am Quinton: test
11:08am Quinton: on
11:07am Quinton: node off
11:07am Quinton: sudo node
11:07am Quinton: test again
11:05am Quinton: hi
9:46am Quinton: oh i have a state that does that
9:46am Quinton: what about poor people?
9:46am Quinton: but what about the roads?
9:45am Quinton: hi chat

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