Info. on Draco Archon Brain Parasite

by Rayford on August 4th, 2017

I am a T.I. here in the San Francisco Bay area. For those who don't know what a T.I. is. Targeted Individual go to Fight Gang In my search for the truth I have been lead to this Draco Brain Parasite. For the non believers about either T.I.s or the Parasites,go to YouTube type in either Targeted Individual or Fight Gang Stocking or Draco Brain Parasites. This info.will change your mind on how you look at the world. WE ARE NOT ALONG on this planet.
For any T.I.s out there fill free to either email me or call me.Ray in S.F. Bay area.510-277-7408 God bless us all.

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pekev: To the brains are most
Wed, 07/11/2018 - 01:14

To the brains are most important part of the body have the parasite will chances for the fits any time without the using the medicines. They aggravate the patient when in the australian writings need for the experiences for the students.

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