How do you deal with somebody who doesn't want to go to jail without initiating force?

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Quinton: So this is one of the first
Sun, 03/20/2016 - 12:04

So this is one of the first questions that comes up. If you can't initiate force on people, then how do you put somebody in jail? First of all, we don't know if jail is the best way to deal with people. Criminal punishment is more about restitution to the party who had damaged property. But let's say somebody is murdered and the guy who murdered this person doesn't want to compensate or make right with the family of the murdered victim. In this case there would be a whole business infrastructure set up around these "outlaws" or people who don't want to participate in the legal system. This is where ostracization would come in. There would be businesses working together who keep databases and records on people who go against the verdict of the legal system. Depending on how society wanted to handle this, they could cut these people off from buying food, they could cut these people off from anything they want to. But what if this person has tons of money outside of the free society and is able to continue committing crime? For one, any outlaw would be on the top of any DRO list. DROs would know to follow these people very closely to make sure they don't cause any harm. If they did cause harm the DRO would have just cause to inflict force right back on them. This would be a fairly large deterrent in itself. People would be less likely to commit more crimes if they know that the more powerful and dialed in DROs are watching them and ready to physically hurt them if necessary.

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