Where is this new country theoretically located?

by Metross on October 6th, 2016

Just about the only ares of land available outside of countries are islands so unless we find a massive chain of uninhabited islands I don't think establishing this new country would be very easy without kicking a country out or simply inhabiting the vast swaths of land in the US that currently have no people and just refusing to pay property taxes.

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Quinton: I think we would want to do
Thu, 10/06/2016 - 20:43

I think we would want to do some type of deal with an existing country who would have something to gain by doing so. I don't think it could be the US or a European country. I think somewhere in South America would be good. We really would need around 100 sq. miles or less to have a lot of room to work with. Brazil is 3,288,000,000 sq. miles. We just need a little bit of space to test this out with and if the idea proves successful we could easily scale.

I think the island route is too restricted. I think we need to work our way into the current system, rather than away from it. I think we need to work with countries who will work with us and go that route if we really want something long term. This type of thing had a little bit of momentum in Honduras: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zone_for_Employment_and_Economic_Development_(Honduras). We basically need to do something like this and get a lot of people behind it.

Optimus: Deep South
Thu, 10/20/2016 - 11:47

If you haven't decided on a place yet from growing up here my whole life, I think the Deep South would be comparatively easy. A county succeeding from the Union and state wouldn't freak people out as much and they have a significantly lower chance of being ostracized, and people probably would be willing to trade with them. The south east has a fertile climate with a lot of natural resources. If you want to choose a state Alabama or Mississippi would probably be the best candidates. I live in central Alabama and I don't feel like it would be that hard here. The capital, Montgomery, is here but that's the biggest there is. also their's a college town, Auburn in the central east. Most of the population lives in the North around Birmingham and Huntsville or in the South around Mobile and Fairhope. Of all the places in Alabama the central west would probably be the best. It probably wouldn't be hard to inhabit a dying community like Marion and gradually encourage the local government to become less and less intrusive and encouraging capitalism. Spreading ideas around somewhere like that and getting people to agree with you wouldn't be that hard. Later on in the future they could succeed from the union. But later on. Once the population sees things working. Most the people here are Conservative though it is liberalizing, mainly in the more inhabited places like Montgomery or Prattville (Prattville is it's biggest suburb but even it isn't that big, like I even know the mayor personally & such). Anyway it seems like the political environment here could be manipulated properly. Most people here are conservative except some of they young people and the black community. The black community just needs to feel like it has a place and that problem is solved and the liberalism could be turned into social tolerance, blocking the welfare state part. Private charities could easily fix what little poverty there is. And social tolerance is needed in an Annarcho-Capitalistic society. But the fact is most people are conservative financially. Most Alabamaians hate taxes and we have some of the lowest property taxes. Our state constitution is fucked, we even elect our judges instead of appoint them. That could be exploited. Contrary to popular belief it's not that racist here. The only groups that can be are some rednecks and blacks but even then not most. Also people don't like government intervention. If a county succeeded, people would probably still trade with them. Also locals here are just flat out friendlier people than in places I've visited (i.e. the north east where strangers look at you weird when you say hi or open the door for them) Did I mention people here love donating to charity and community projects but hate it if they're being forced to by a government?

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